Photos from the 1998 APF Sr. Nationals

After a long hard day of lifting, competitors Julie Havelka and Stephanie Vandeweghe pose for a picture with powerlifter and bodybuilder Mary Ellen Warman. Both Stephanie and Mary Ellen hold APF open world records.

APF world record holder Craig Tokarski takes time to relax with friends Julie Havelka and Tod Becraft.

Competitors Julie Havelka and Krista Ford relax and socialize after a tough battle on the platform. Krista competes in the 181 lb weight class and was ranked number one in the country for 1997.

Ernie Frantz looks on as Jan Vandeweghe judges the big boys (275 and up). Also present are meet promoter Jim Johnston and the APF Sr's best lifter for the last two years in a row with a total of over 2400 lbs, 242 lber Willie Wessels.

Only the best equipment was used at the '98 APF Sr. Nationals, like the monolift squat rack pictured below. There were two available for use at the meet, one for the warmup room and one for the lifting platform. The monolift rack is very safe, sturdy, and easy to use. It is hydraulically operated so that when the weight is removed by the lifter, the rack hooks move forward and out of the way so that the squat can be executed without the lifter ever having to walk out from the rack. When the squat has been completed, a spotter lowers the hooks back into place, and the bar is returned to the rack safely and easily.