Photos and friends from the 1999 APF Sr. Nationals
(for complete results see the Oregon APF Powerlifting page under 'meet results')

Tod stands beside the logo for the brand new 'Huge Iron Training Center'. How appropriate! - a beefed up Marlin for a powerlifting gym in Daytona Beach, FL.

Meeting Michelle Ralabate at Kieran Kidder's Huge Iron Training Center while in Daytona Beach, FL for the 1999 APF Sr. Nationals. Michelle is a former two-time champion of the Women's Strength Extravaganza.

Brent Mikesell from Spokane, WA kicked major butt in the meet with pr's in the squat, benchpress and total. He brought home a 903 squat, 529 benchpress, 755 deadlift and a 2187.75 total at SHW. Brent is the first person in Washington to squat 900 lbs. Tod and I had the pleasure of being part of Brent's 903 squat at the meet, as we hung around and helped him out on the second day of the meet. It was a blast being right there when the big boys were lifting (900+ squats, 600+ benchpresses, and 800+ deadlifts!)

Stephanie VandeWeghe and I pose for a photo with our trophies. Stephanie had strong lifts of 540, 341, 440, 1322. Even though her best total is 1444, she had no trouble grabbing the best lifter trophy at this meet. Stephanie and her husband Jan have been very helpful in giving me advice on gear and training principles over the last year since I met them at the '98 Sr. Nationals. They are both highly respected lifters and are fun and motivating to be around.

Jim Voronin takes a moment to pose for a photo with Tod after the lifting is through. Jim is an incredible lifter, and is really someone you have to see in person to appreciate how massive he is. He ended up with a 914 squat, 644 benchpress (and that's reverse grip!), 733 deadlift for a 2292 total at SHW. He is a truly intense athlete, and takes time to encourage others even when he is preparing to lift.

Craig Tokarski flew down to Florida with his wife just to help me and Tod out at the meet. It was a great help having him there. He helped with putting on gear and with motivation and encouragement. We sure appreciate everything and hope to be able to pay him back someday.

Brent, Craig, Stephanie, Jan and I pose for a photo outside a restaurant after the women's lifting is through. We're just trying to follow Craig's philosophy - 'Eat big, train big, and sleep big'. And this group sure knows how to eat big!

This was the view from our hotel room. This was the only sunrise we saw while in Florida, the day I competed. That's because we didn't get up at 5:30 in the morning on any of the other days we were there! It was awesome staying in a place that was right on the beach.

We stayed a couple of extra days in Florida to get some sun and relaxation. This is me playing in the surf. The water temperature is a nice change from the Pacific Ocean on the Oregon coast!